Just added a RX 5700

I just took the first $330 in mining profits to buy myself a 5700. I put the 5700 in my personal desktop and moved the 1660s into my mining rig which now has 5x 1660s.

I plan to add another 1660s to that case since that will max out the mobo. But I will self find this hobby for now so I have to wait until I mine enough.

For now, I don’t want to mod the BIOS of the 5700 to the XT, but what are some good overclock settings that I can start with to get this card mining? Right now, with stock settings, I am getting around 47 MH/s.

1200-1250 MHz core, 800mV, 1850 MHz memory. If it drops out while mining, reduce the memory 10MHz at a time until stable.

Thanks. To clarify are these “+” numbers or target numbers?

For example, normal core MHz is 1750. Are you suggesting to bring it down to 1200-1250 or to add 1200-1250 bringing it to 2950?

Those are target numbers for Ethash mining. They should get around 52-53 MH/s.