Just arrived :)

I love it! So cool and tiny and awesome!
Thanks Goldshell, but especially THANK YOU VOSK!

Only thing now is does anybody have any idea what’s the deal with LBRY? I mean, his value is so low… why even manufacture a miner for a coin of that value?

What am I missing?


LBRY has good potential. The SEC is against them so the price is suppressed. In the long run it is a good play on censorship. Remember what you mine a day is based on when you cash out. Stack coins. I bought L3’s and was told they dont make you money. Well I am laughing at every 50 buck miner I purchased the past two years.

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Where do you stash your lbry oins at? I use binance.us but dont see a way to put them on there. do i need to utilize a different platform? or go buy a hard wallet and just wait till its utilization comes up to be able to be traded? help please first miner lol

I guess the only thing I can do is hold and hope for the best lol
Thanks man

I use the lbry app. Coinex has an exchange wallet for it too and a trading pair with USDT when you decide to sell

What’s an L3?? Is it a good beginner’s machine. What coins can it mine?

Odysee.com is the LBRY site that is like a decentralized YouTube, and it has a LBRY wallet built in. That’s what I’ve been using. One of the apps or wallets you can download would probably be a bit more secure, though.

Generally, a good practice is to not keep your coins on an exchange until you’re ready to do something with them, just in case the exchange were to get hacked. Binance should be pretty safe, but you never know. I only mention that because it has happened before with various exchanges, and it will surely happen again.