Just buy crypto or miner?

I’m wondering with all the prices of crypto being down would it be more profitable to just buy and hold cryptos or would it still be better to mine now. Miners are expensive for the profit that they give for most of them. And with eth going to pos it seems like the best mining option will be etc which i feel like will have there market cap diluted from all the influx of ppl. Any thoughts?

L7 $8000 if interested

KD MAX$16823
Do you interested goldshell

$$12000 kd max

If the price is too good to be true, it probably is a scam. Don’t fall for the “operation” swapp is running on this forum.


I love how a question about the practicality of mining vs buying crypto is met with “Buy a miner from me” posts.

On topic though it is a complicated picture mining is only worth while when you get back more than it cost to mine. So do you stand to be left with a bag of bigger profits putting cash into the coins or picking up a miner? It also matters if you are after quick return or in it for the long game.

I don’t know if you all agree, but I’d mine BTC so I can speculate on other coins with buying.

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Coins are cheap - and so the miners that mine them are cheap.
Buy hardware now as when the coins go up, so will the hardware and you might not be able to afford a miner later.

I’m trying the 50/50 approach. Half my investment in each since both are down. KDMax x2, K1Maxx x3, kdbox. L7 is running as well. The rest is for coins, KDA being one of them.

Back in the day, I paid 2.2BTC for some S9s. Over a year, I made a ton in $USD and probably made about 2.2BTC … but it was a lot of fun. Mining is fun. You just have to be careful not to make a wrong move because it’s a longer-term investment and can be difficult to quickly adjust – as opposed to dumping some s***coins. But mining is fun and sometimes you can hit the jackpot, like the first batch of Bitmain’s L3s. ROI was like 5 days. Now, the hardware is looking a year and it’s hard to predict that far out.

Split the difference and do both has been my strategy.

A good way to look at buying mining equipment imo is buying bitcoin miners is like going long on bitcoin. Buying an S19J Pro 100T would run you about $2500 today. With todays price for bitcoin, you will earn about $3.19 profit a day assuming if electricity costs you 0.07 per kw. That’s $95.56 a month and $1,146.76 a year. Break even is in a little more than 2 years assuming if bitcoin stays the same price and difficulty remains relatively similar. If bitcoin doubles it’ll take a little more than 1 year to break even. Triples, you get the idea. If you believe bitcoin will hit new ATHs in the next halvening, then mining is a pretty good idea. Something to note, right now Asic miners are cheaper because we are in a bear market. They correlate with the price of bitcoin. It’s gonna be a better bet to get your setup completed during this bear market and you’ll reap the rewards in the next bull run.

If you have any questions feel free to DM me. I love talking about this stuff, we can do a quick video call and talk about which mining equipment would be most optimal for your set up.