Just Want to Say Thank You Guys!

Well I have been mining Eth for only a few days now and I hit my first payout (0.1 Eth). So I thought I should take a minute to remember those who’ve helped me along the way. I just really wanted to thank a few of the members in this community who really stood out as going above and beyond to help me.

@Cryogen @Dollyshunk @Carl_Bishop

You guys are awesome! A lot of people come to get information, but less come to give it. I think it’s so cool of you guys to take a good amount of your time to speak to someone way less knowledgeable than yourselves, and to help that person along their journey. So thank you for all your help! I promise to pay it forward where I can. I’ve learned a ton about this stuff in the short time since I decided to start mining, but I know I have so much more to learn. I am hooked already. I just love every part, from the blockchain technology to the awesome hardware I get to play with.

Cryogen, man you probably spent the most time helping me. I hope you know I really appreciate it. I ended up going the DIY route with my frame and I am so glad I did. IMO it’s great. I did it using 2020 Aluminum Extrusion so that way, not only does it look cool (I think), but it’s very functional. Using the T-slotted hammer head nuts, every thing is adjustable. I can slide my GPUs and fans wherever I need them without having to drill more holes. Pretty cool. I still might add an extra rail for holding more PSUs and to add more support for standoffs down the middle of the mobo. Oh, also I decided to go with one 2400W server PSU (if FedEx would ever get here with it). I ran 10/2 Romex from my breaker panel and installed a 220V outlet. I also ran ethernet cable upstairs to not depend on WiFi for my rig. Glad I did it. The ethernet wasn’t bad but the 220V line was a pain fishing it up there. See pics below…

Cable management is nonexistent at the moment, I know. Once I get my actual 2400W server PSU and better, longer cables from Parallel Miner, I will redo all of it and be able to space the GPUs out evenly. Those two on the left are sharing a cable for their risers which is why they are so close to each other. I’ll be able to get rid of those PSUs and the big fans and everything will look much cleaner.

Dollyshunk, Carl_Bishop - Thanks for helping me with my mobo crisis. As you know I managed to solve that problem…that is, I just bought a new one :laughing: Also, I went with the advice you guys gave and got a Biostar mobo (12 GPU) for future proofing lol.

Thank you so much, you three. I bet you guys are real standup people in life. Seriously, thanks guys!


Looks like quite the attractive frame. Interesting way to grip those GPU’s as well. Took me til my 2nd rig before I started getting that Cable Management to work. Now to concentrate on power consumption … but you’ve got that figured out too!.

Great Job!

If you Discord, when you have your rig finished, Take some nice pictures from different angles and post them there Under RIG PICS. Red Panda Mining goes thru RIG PIC’s on his Saturday show and gives credit where credit is due!

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Cool! Yeah I’ll do it for sure. Didn’t know he did that. I was just watching a few minutes of his live today, building a 6 GPU rig.

I still haven’t gotten the Trios to get better hash rates. I changed thermal pads out on one of them and didn’t see a huge improvement, but also didn’t push it too hard. I plan on installing windows tomorrow so I can check junction temps before I start doing that. There’s got to be somebody that can figure out how to do that in Linux HiveOS, I would think anyway.

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