K7 restock from bitmain 1-29 9am

Bitmain k7 restock 20% price increase :eyes:


Just realized specs are different also, 58 t/h 2813 w, same efficiency, interesting…

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Depending on where you believe CKB’s price is going, it’s still not a bad deal. I’m guessing that rig will net ~$25-$30/day after electric costs - depending on rate. And difficulty hasn’t been a steady rise to the heavens as it has with other tokens. Return is ~200 days holding everything constant and assuming Bitmain’s new price plus some shipping costs. Clearly that number will increase as more K7’s start hashing and/or coin price drops.

But CKB hasn’t performed terribly (for a smaller alt) since last summer (ok, not exactly a ringing endorsement). Admittedly, I’d have to do a bit of research on CKB as I don’t know that much about the project.

In April you have CKB halving… So it isnt so good… I am waiting April to se buy or no !!

I thought halving was expected to be in Nov? Source is this blog (with excerpt below) plus nervoshalving.com, Hashing it Out: Highlights – Episode 9 | Nervos Network.

Then it is good buy I thought it will be in April… You will repay miner by end 2023…

Yeah ckb is November, handshake HNS is in April

One of my reps Tracey has been great to deal with especially on response time and updated prices too , I have purchased over a dozen ASICS that’s been delivered and plugged up hashing away.

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In percentage how much will prize go down after halving ? I cant find info …

The block reward for ckb gets halved, so whatever amount of ckb you are earning, it will be cut by 50% come November.

I just purchased a 58TH 2813W K7 for 5K shipped to my host Adam Moyers who I recommend to go with to host your big ASICS. Just PM Adam if you need a great host! I will let you know how I am doing but looks like a great buy to me! I could not resist I put it on a 0% credit card until August 2023. I purchased thru bt-miners.com this time since they take credit cards. I have protection and 0% interest so better than using my savings.


That’s awesome I been debating to do a order with Bt but been waiting to see any feedback with buyers, I got a few K7 on the way heading to Adam along with HS3

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Did anybody calculate impact of K7 on dificulty ? I didnt have thoughts to buy K7 , but I see many people bought that maschine… Will you get your money back by november … I thouth halving is in April so I didnt plan to buy it … But now sounds as good buy or not ?

Hey Mike how do you contact Tracey?

Hey! Do you have telegram?

Yes, Sir!

MrMike thanks brother.

Is there a company name? Are you getting hit with tariffs paying in crypto, wire? Just curious before I try to place an order with them.

As I’m typing this, current CKB network hashrate is 74.23 PH/s. If Bitmain only makes 2000 K7’s (@63.5 TH/s), then network hashrate would increase by 127 PH/s to over 200 PH/s. Difficulty would have to go up considerably to account for the substantially increased hashrate. How much? Yup, that’s the key and it’s hard to answer.

We don’t know how many rigs Bitmain plans to produce - though market demand largely will dictate this number. I also don’t have a good handle on how difficulty has changed over time vs hashrate. If we look back 6 months (which is as far as is provided by miningpoolstats.com), network hashrate looks like this:

Compared to difficulty over the same period (Y-axis represents % change from 8/7/22)

Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to download the data directly and make my own chart. And while miningpoolstats.com publishes hashrate back to Nov 2019, they don’t do the same for difficulty. The challenge with only looking at a 6-month history is how volatile difficulty has been over that period. It’s hard to see a pattern other than the obvious once hashrate shoots up, so too will difficulty.

Conclusion is that I’m not sure that I added any value. If anyone knows of a better data source, I’d be interested to take a deeper dive.

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