KA3 166TH "Testing" KDA Kadena Hashrate Off The Chart

Hi Guys this is my first post. I’m looking at this hashrate chart for Kadena;
Kadena network hashrate - Blake (2s-Kadena) ⛏️ | minerstat. (3 months will show it nicely)

Can we presume those insane spikes are"testing" of the KA3? I presume before a product comes to market it needs to be tested. When you have a big batch come through you test a lot of them at once. The time scale seems relevant for the “coming soon” status on websites along with the price being shown. And the spikes only last 1 day, few and faw between. If you had that kind of crazy competitive advantage then why switch off? That spike is being made by someone specifically or am I over thinking it? A sneak peak of what’s to come if all those asics are sold and turned on?

What do you think? This is all my imagination and allegations. Nothing is fact. Just curious. Where do those insane spikes come from and why do they only last 1 day at a time and few far between? Each batch ready for next test?