Kadena, cannot get my money!

I am at my wits end on Kadena.
I have a box miner mining into Zelcore. I need an exchange so I went to Coinmetro, did KYC, and attempted to send a chain 1 transfer to Coinmetro. The Kadena network refused it several times.
I was thinking of buying 6 or 7 KD Lites, but I never can shake the uneasy feeling of how to work with Kadena. All other coins are very simple.
Also, can I mine straight into a Coinmetro wallet?
Sorry for the rant, I hope there is some KDA master out there that says “no worries, just do it this way”, as I may be over thinking it.

Many thanks in advance.


Try use this… Helped me when I had problem with Zel… Mining to Coinmetro wallet is bad idea … I mined to Binance directly and when Binance stoped recive deposit to KDA I was in problem…

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I use ViaWallet for hodl KDA coins. Zelcore is just too buggy for my use.

I mine straight to Okcoin. Okcoin API’s nicely with my tax program Koinly. Every so often I send some to my hodl wallet.

Okcoin does maintenance on their Kadena wallet, and deposits and withdrawals are temporarily put on hold. But I’ve always gotten my mining deposits after Okcoin was finished.

For USA customers, Okcoin has free bank ACH deposits and withdrawals ($10 min).

So it makes it super easy to buy or liquidate KDA.

Very happy with both ViaWallet and Okcoin.

Transferring from both is very easy and bug free thus far.

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If you go to Ecosystem - Kadena (might need to click the “tool”>“wallet” tabs)
X-wallet is very easy to use. It is a Google Chrome extension wallet that installs onto your Google Chrome browser. (much like a MetaMask wallet)

For trading KDA, I use Kucoin and TradeOgre . Before X-wallet I used TradeOgre as my wallet.

And Just to chime in on a personal note, why Coinmetro , they suck, total sellouts. Most AUS traders I know left AUS Exchanges in the dust. Why support the sellout-pro regulation exchanges ?? It’s all personal choice and business style either way, I just prefer the decentralized anonymous route. (someday soon Binance.(InsertYourCountry’sName) will cover the Earth and continue doing what they do, flood markets with ERC/BEP Tokens while convincing respective Govs to regulate Tokens like stocks or commodities while trying to blanket Coins into their token scams. If it ain’t a Decentralized Coin Blockchain you might as well be drone bombing the kids yourself samie/same :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Well I make use of Binance and Kucoin lol :rofl:


Why can’t I connect to the main discord?

Thank you, just set up an account to check it out.

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Thank you, checking it out!

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You can sell your kda on Crypto.com now and KuCoin

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Coinex and KuCoin for me. Zelcore works fine but better off on a laptop or desktop. Mobile is super glitchy. The other thing is you have to have a small amount of Flux for zelcore to function properly and you never want to do a max withdrawal or it will get rejected. Leave some for gas fees and Zelcore will work fine.

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i make use of OKX and Binance, DXpool can help hold KDA for period of time.

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I mine DXPool and deposit to coinmetro… never one issue.

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Just setup my Coinmetro account, I exchanged Kda for BTC and it went flawlessly. This is what I’m gonna do! Thanks for the help.