Kadena kd6 profitability when low.. why?

Hello Everyone!
Can someone explain the possible reason? Thanks in advance!

What do you think? Use your brain and do research and you’ll find out why.

Your reply is not helping at all. This is one place to find out more about it.

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You can see that dificulty is rapidly rising and you have every day to mine 60000 kda for all miners , andprice is droping lot… Price is droping because market is going down , also Kadex is not good at funkcionality… That is why Kadena made grant of 100 mil USD for developing DAPS on Kadena…

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Difficulty will rise as Ibelink put new K1max , and with more KD6…

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At this point there is no miner priced to mine KDA at any level of profit for now. If you have 50k laying around for a KD6, buying the coin straight may be a larger payoff. We are all waiting on a market turn around at this point. If you believe in the coin, you are probably HODLing a majority of your coins at the moment.


Purchase of KDA miner at this prices of miners and this price of KDA will bi mistake… I agree with Winston that is better now to purchase KDA instead miner… That am I doing for now … Maybe if there is something cheap pops up , then I will buy…

Or maybe buy 2 or 3 L 7 , and sell Doge and DGB and buy KDA … That is second version that I think about…


I’ll take a poke at an odd angle/thought about this.

I kind of think I see a downward spiral with KDA. Starting around last Oct/Nov. when KD5 was pretty expensive and KDA was trading at $20’ish. When KD6 started taking orders, combined with the declining price of BTC and market volume, It kind of caused issues. People who purchased KD5’s too late and for too much money went into despair knowing increasing difficulty (due to KD6) and declining prices meant their projected ROI would be pushed back or impossible. People who purchased KD6’s are in temporary limbo waiting for markets to change, which may take years, while their ROI is being extended.

Of course, what I just typed is heavy ‘opinion’ or even a cherry picked argument. I don’t mine KDA , only trade it. So that is just one of the many thoughts after many talks with other investors and miners or KDA I’ve had. The KD5 to KD6 is a serious point to talks about Kadena’s future, right now at least. Most discussions kind of agree, this situation does seem to exist, it isn’t everything just another factor and It can be turned around or even just part of a big plan/goal for the dev team.

Another thing that seems to be said in KDA discussions is that todays prices are more “real” and that the late 2021 prices were caused by investor hype and new crypto investors. Kind of the opposite of the ‘downward spiral’ I described above. People were looking for coins to invest in, saw the price of KD5 and talks of KD6, and the hype just grew, from investors who don’t understand that “Coins” are currency as compared to the Tokens (stocks) twitter told them to “invest” in. And now it’s just doing a correction back to reality.


I believe that the miner manufacturer also played a “hidden” role, pumping the coin all the way up so that they can sell their miners for a crazy price. I have come to realize that it’s always better to wait for the miner to be released to the public before you spend your money on preorders.


Yes I agree with you… Also better to buy miner when market is down not up… If you think price will go up…


I agree with you…

So what price level do you think KDA will reach at end of 2022 ? My guess is 7-8 USD …

I bought 2 KDA pro boxes just to have something hashing at home … to see that now that is bad investment… ( mostly because rise of dificulty not price , curently mining 3,1 KDA for both miners )

But mining on Zcash , and Dash I made some good money…


This is so helpful. It is hard to find information about kda also see so many great points of view.

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@cryptominernv Ahh, this guy is so reasonable and nice.

Good conversation and opinion exchange in this thread.

Crypto price dropped in last two days, but don’t be too worry. You can go spend some time learn more on KDA coin.

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Crypto is the best, newest, and leading investment vehicle moving forward.

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Check out 18:17 to see its current mining profitability.