KAS K10miner FATE? Opinons wanted!

What is the fate of the KAS K10 miner? How long will it be profitable. Is it worth the hefty price tag and why?

My prediction is that this is the Goldshell kd6 all over again. It will be massively profitable in the beginning, but Bitmain will release a model that blows it out of the water and turns it into a paperweight that makes penny’s on the dollar in ref to electric rates. And because of this likely chain of events, the only reasonable strategies are to wait for Bitmain’s version or buy the KAS K10 as early as possible and hope for the best.


If they exisit - then the K10 is already not efficient enough:
KS1 - 1TH - 600W
Red Panda is supposed to be getting a review one any day now. So then we might know if they are real.