Kaspa Mining About To Take Off?

So there’s a mini wave of new Kaspa ASIC miners (e300, M2, K10 for example) available for preorder and are expected to ship between the end of April and June. My question…are you buying?

To me it seems like people are blindly rushing to get a hold of one of the first big boy Kaspa miners before what will most likely be the inevitable parade of newer and more efficient miners become available. Circumstances are different than the early stages of KDA mining, but I feel like the story might play out the same. Delayed delivery of the first round of big ASIC (and overpriced imo) miners that will ultimately be rendered much less profitable by each and every ASIC that follows.

Obviously if KAS takes off there won’t be as much to worry about. Just seems to be a rush to get a miner that’s unproven, untested to mine a coin that only recently proven it can remain above $0.01.

What do you think? Am I way off? Am I undervaluing the Kaspa project? Are you all in on KAS?

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It’ll probably start small with small miners then bitmain will eventually take over yet again with their monstrous powerful miners. Right now, it seems like the project is at its infancy. There are lot of hype around this project but that’s with any other projects out there. I’d say if you have money to throw around, why not?

did you ever buy from Bitmain direct? They used to ship the miners 2-3 months after purchase. they would work them before sending them to you. so by the time you got a new miner the difficulty had raised reducing income potential.

That’s what happens in this industry. Chinese merchants will pay youtube influencers to promote “x miner” and its profit potentials. They will talk about it as the next best thing since sliced bread. Everyone will jump on the miner but by the time you get your miner, you’d be lucky to make half of what was advertised in the beginning. Only way you make big bucks is if you are the first ones to mine, the coin outperforms bitcoin and continues to surge throughout the whole entire bull market. Then, it will collapse and cycle will repeat again.

I looked at mining it, but there are so few exchanges listing it. Its not even available to trade through Metamask… unless I’m missing something. Mexc exchange isn’t available to us here in the USA, thats why I would like to use Metamask.

I think you are right. Kaspa dosent have enough buyers, and, if you ask me, too many circulating coins. The asics will no doubt make the gpu’s unprofitable, and then it will just be another asic coin. Probbably wont even be very profitable for them. Not financial advice.

Also, KAS is incredibly difficult to purchase / sell or even trade. Very few exchanges, and the largest, MexC isnt even available here in the US, unless you do it on the “down-low”.

Not quite difficult, you can purchase and sell/trade it on https://www.hotbit.io/register?ref=3480529

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