KD Box EVGA Set Up

Hello! I’m very new to mining and have two questions. I bought an EVGA gold 750 W PSU and want to make sure I’m powering it correctly.

  1. I believe the KD Box uses 205W. Does that mean I can have a max of 3 on one PSU?
    2.I’m very aware that the KD Box takes a 6 pin connector. But I’m not sure which slot to plug it into on the PSU? And do I use a 6 or 8 Pin connector for the PSU?


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Use the VGA 8-pin rails to connect to the KD-Box.

Yes, the 8 pin PCI-E connectors on the power supply should be used. The other end of the cable should have a 6+2 (8 pin) connector or two which goes into the KD Box.

I am also wondering about how many KD Boxes can be connected to a EVGA PSU. I have an 850W G5 so would i be able to connect 4 boxes ? that would be 4*205W which is less than the PSU max watts but im not sure about the amps drawn by the boxes and if 4 boxes connected to the 4 VGA outputs on the PSU will draw too much amps ? If anyone knows ?


You wanna stay in the 80% rule when it comes to the psu. So 80% of the 850 is 680 watts. This is the safest method so you’d be able to safely power 3

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ya i agree with you Mitchmd:

so i think a 850W EVGA PSU can only safely run 3 KD Boxes because i plugged a 4th in and the boxes caught on fire …

This may have happened but i tried doing some math before sticking things in holes without knowing what would happen.

The 850W G5 says it can supply 70.8A on the 12V rail. The KD Box specs say it draws 205W +/- 5%

The KD Box is plugged into the VGA 12V rail so it requires the following amount of amps : 205 / 12 = 17.08 amps.

Then if you calculate upper bound with the additional 5% we get 17.08 * 1.05 = 17.94 A

That is per box , so x 4 gives = 71.75 , which is greater than the 70.8 A listed on the 850 G5 specs …

At nominal of 17.08 A x 4 = 69A which is just under the 70.8A on the PSU specs.

The numbers are close, seems it could possibly provide the required amps but im not going to find out …

1000W PSU will allow you to run 4 boxes.