KD BOX in DXPOOL poor performance

Hi there:
I currently own a KD BOX model that i have been operating for almost 15 days and using dxpool. I have noticed that the hashrate on the pool interface is much lower than the one on the miner interface (between 0.1 and 0.2 Th/s). Furthermore, sometimes the rejection rate skyrockets to almost 90%. The size of the KDA net hasnt increase recently so is not a difficulty problem. Any ideas?

Try switching pools and see if things improve. My KD5 is on Poolflare. As of right now, it’s running at a 0.38% rejection rate.

KD5 hashrate is a lower than I’d like to see, i.e. 17.52Ths vs 18Ths theoretical. But it’s very volatile. The hashrate chart looks like an EKG. E.g., over past 24 hrs, it’s peaked at 24Ths to as low as 12.14Ths

I just switched to poolflare hoping to improve the situation. This is my first miner so im still on the learning side. Do all miners fluctuate their hashrate like this? I mean, BTC, ETH, etc…
Anyway thanks for the anwser.

I have other LTD/DOGE miners and a BTC miner. My KD5’s hashrate does seem more volatile than my other ASICs.

Fwiw, I have another KD5 due to arrive on 10/21. Once I get it hashing, I’ll be curious whether its hashrate has similar levels of volatility.