KD Box maybe for sale

Thinking about selling my KD box. Nothing wrong with it. Ive had it for about 3 months. Who’s interested?

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Always depends on price lol

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Well with this market, im thinking $8000 with PSU

What did you pay for it? $1600. Why would you sell?

the market is good but Im not as bullish on KDa. I can keep it just the same

I like kda, but it blew up so fast. At current prices, including Goldshells massive increase in cost, it’s hard to justify.

I’ve been trying to get it since it was 1199, and I’ve had no luck. Very frustrating to see that they go for 8-15k when the kd2 was that price just a month ago.

is it still on sale?

I was offered the kd5 for 13k 7 weeks ago, damn I wish Id bought as many as I could, lol

From where? This would have been an incredible deal.

Yes it is still for sale.

New York

$6,000 paypal?

I definitely am

$8000 is the lowest I will go

Which JKD model are you selling?

Goldshell KD BOX with PSU

How do I get in touch. interested…

You can get a new one from @Master3004 for $8100 something according to the new list price.

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order it up.

I’ll buy for 8k. Is this still available?