Kd box not working

I get the error on status

"opps miner is not ready yet " make sure miner is fully constructed and connected to router "

which it is on the same router that my pc is connected to on wifi.

this is the kd box without wifi.

any ideas I have firewall off also

What pool are you using?

Wtf? Make sure miner is fully constructed? It really said that? Loll

KDaminer, you sure it was a wifi version. I got the same message before on my CK box, it turn out it was the wifi.

Sounds like the pool settings are wrong. As @Aquagucci said what pool are you using?

Are you using DXPOOL?

I have the same error message on my HS Box status. It quit working after 3 days and now I have “oops miner is not ready yet” and “Make sure miner is fully constructed and connected to router”. I’m using Dx pool. Any suggestions out there.

Are you on dxpool.com or .net? .com does not work anymore, you also have to change your stratum to .net as well


Did you get it working?

Thank you so much for the help. It’s working fine now. It would have taken me a long time to figure that out on my own. Thanks again.

Hi guys, having problems setting up my mining pool.
It’s telling me WLAN not found. Even though it’s connected to the Ethernet cable. Any suggestions?

@elyboto09 which version of box miner (wifi is not, firmware update)? Could you access your pool settings?

I can get to the pool settings but not the interface with the graphs and hash rates. I will try to reset my router and see if that fix the problem