KD Box Performance

Got my 2 KD Box’s a couple of days ago… Just wondering why I did not do this sooner … lol

I was looking at my performances and was wondering what your thoughts are on improving the results or if the results as on par for the norm:

When looking at “What To Mine” website site it said the estimated results are 1.8 KDA a day or .077775 a Hour…

Below are my results:

Pool - Dxpool
Reject Rate: 3.25% Average
HW Error Rate: .34% Average
Hourly Average: .06988924 per box
Daily Average: 1.63311741 per box

My Daily and Hourly averages are not that much below the estimated rewards for the site but on multiple machines for the month it can add up if my machines are performing poorly. I am only on two days running so I am still early in my data but was wondering how I compared to others that are running KD Boxes.

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Where did you buy from ?

People say they’ve been mining from poolflare with good results. have you given them a try?

My first 24 hr results where a little better than dxpool so far.

Bought it from Amazon.

new or used?

Is there any downside to used?

I got 2 new and 2 were used. All 4 performing at similar rates. So turned out good.


How is Poolflare treating you now? Just curious, I am on DXpool and pulling in 1.6 kda a day.

Been averaging 1.4 a day and then the last 4 days I have been averaging 1.9 per day. Not sure why it when up but I’ll take it.

Cool at least I can stop the FOMO. :slight_smile:

I started up 2 new KD boxes 3 days ago and I’m mining on DXpool. after 24 hrs of mining I noticed the rejection rate of one of the miners jumped to +10. I installed the latest firmware update to both and the machines performance improved(3-4% average). After another 24 hrs of mining, one of the machines reject rate jumped to 40%. I restarted that miner and it is slowly increasing on the hash rate. Has anyone else seen this issue with their miners?

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I have found restarting the miner fixes it. I restart the boxes about every week and a half to two weeks. But only if the error rate is climbing higher than 30%. Sometimes it fixes itself, and you just make crap that day. If it continues I am thinking of moving to hashpool. They need the hash, and if Dxpool keeps paying crap, might as well get the rewards up on hashpool.

Hi Jamie
How much did they cost each?

I paid $3500 for each of them.