KD Box - what wallet are you using?

What are you guys using for a wallet to send the rewards from the KD Box? Doesn’t seem there’s many options in the US.

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@sbanyai zelcore

also using zelcore.
only after a while I learned how to change the chain in zelcore, transfer to Kucoin, then change to BTC or what ever.

Setting up first time tomorrow…
when you set up to receive KDA from the KD box into Zelcore… d you do the following:

  1. Choose Mining.
    Chain ID0?
    then do you just copy the public key to paste into the pool?

I heard there is chainweaver as well. I see many using zelcore. I would stick with what majority is using

Also using Zelcore, to sell it I move it to coinex, then out to my KYC exchange, Blockfi, because Blockfi only supports a handful of coins.