KD Boxes ordered , why price drop?

OK, after trying and failing to order many miners --success. Ordered one KD box each from the following:

Ordered from aliexpress(claims to be authorized by Goldshell)paid with PayPal, super easy.

Then I noticed an email from Goldshell about restock and discounts, so I checked there too.

Goldshell only takes crypto for payment, but I previously bought BTC for this very purpose ( miner sold out before I could transfer the BTC).

I plan to order their PSU for 4 box miners next week.

I plan to order something bigger next month, but will see how this goes.

I’m always suspicious of sudden price changes so is there reason for the price drop on the KD boxes ? ( 1700$ to 1200$)

i am suspicious but i’m still ordering one as soon as my crypto is available to spend… it is a reasonable price ( at 17 it was a NONO for me… at 12, it;s an OK… at 9, i would buy 6 :wink: )

On reddit, other posts talk about the drop in miner price dropped due to the output drop from ~10to ~5$, daily. My guess.

Beginning of August my KD-BOX was mining average 10 KDA per 24 hours; right now it’s only 5.2 - 5.7 per day… I’m impressed that Goldshell is actually following the market and adjusting prices accordingly :wink:

Ahh ok, glad to hear that confirmed. The profitability calculators didn’t show it making that much then, so I didn’t realize they were making so much.