KD2 anyone use this one?

Can not afford a KD5 so I thought about the Goldshell KD2 any options

If you can find one. I was able to find one used on ebay. Consistently mines 6 kda/day. The thing is super quiet.

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Same here KD2 is great low power consumption mining bit over 6 KDA / day with actual difficulty, super quiet. On the other hand it is difficult to find and with actual KDA price I am not sure if you find one below 15 k USD.

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This guy was selling them used for $7.5k ~3 weeks ago. I passed because I thought price was too high. Don’t remind me . . .

Then just last week or so he had another small batch of 3 units at $12.9k. Again, I thought that price was crazy high and passed. Yeah, I know . . .

Fwiw, I didn’t try to vet whether the reseller is legit or not. So this is not an endorsement (or accusation). As a public service message, dyor and assume scammer until proven otherwise. Sad to say but that’s just how it is in crypto

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i thought kd5 was expensive at 18K so that passed. hindsight is always 2020…if i knew this would happen, i would’ve sold my stocks to buy 10 of them. lol…