KD5 hashing issue

Noticed my KD5 quit hashing on the 12th. I came to do a restart and notice the power fans on the ide are running but not the intake and exhaust for the cards ( they spin for about 3 seconds but shut right back own). Any ideas? I tried holding restart for 10 seconds and got nothing. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Any chance that the grilles are pinching the fans or sometimes there’s glue residual on the inside of the fan that may stop the fan from running. I know it was running for awhile but sometimes all it takes is a stop of the fans and they won’t restart due to the reasons I just explained. Once cooled down and not running 5600 rpm, it allows the problem to arise. I’d start there. Is it under warranty??

I would have to check on the warranty again. I know it is getting close. Thank you for that, I am going to start digging into the fan portion of it now. I knew I should have ordered some fans and had them on standby.