KD5 miner scam?

Hello all. I know you probably have heard this 100 or more times. We are trying to break into mining and it seems like I never see anything happening in Canada. My partner wants to buy from this site http://goldshell-kd5.shop/. I’m wondering if anyone had any dealing as they say we can order up to 50 when I believe everyone is out of stock and BT miners that I have see people buying from are selling for $50k. May have to look at some other type of miner to get started. Any one deal with this shop or have any insight for a couple of noobs. The learning curve on this shite seems to be an arrow straight up. Lol. Thanks.

@Jamie_Lee Scam dude. Beware. An ASIC that’s producing ~$150/day for $10k with a just over 2 month payback? Alarm bells should be deafening.

This is from Goldshell’s web site, ⚠ Beware of Fraudulent Websites – goldshell miner

I got taken once by goldshellminers.com, another scam site. Luckily it was a low 4-figure loss. I chalked up it to the cost of mining tuition and moved on. But a buddy of mine got taken as well and can’t seem to get past it. So I’ve got ASICs hashing away and he’s still “thinking about it”

I always presume scam until after I do my due diligence. Even then, I’m skeptical until a working ASIC shows up at my door. Y’all be careful out there

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Thanks. That was my thought as well.