KD5 vs KD6 or something entirely Different?

I’m looking to pull the trigger on my first none small box (doge or KD box) ASIC miner, and figured I’d start with a KD5 to get up and running with some real profits.

My question to the group is, do I pull the trigger now on a KD5 box for around $60k, or do I preorder a KD6 from AKminer for $54k that wont ship until April/May ?

Or, should I scratch this idea entirely and spend the 50-60k on something else? If so, what?

Looking for pro’s/con’s ?

thanks in advance,


Wish I had that much of money to invest. Anyway coming to your question. Go for KD6 instead of KD5 as they will be more efficient and ROI quickly for the prices you quoted. I saw someone in the sell group posting the KD6 for 48-50K with same expected dates, check them out too.

Depends on what you wanna do. I mean some s19s, three will get you $60 a day BTC, 4 will get you $80. Chances of BTC going out of style are slim. That is the conservative play. KDA is fine too just realize it’s hashrate is going up. So your miner will not be as profitable as it is currently advertised.

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I have a KD5, A KD6 pre ordered and an L7 on the way. Not sure where you are getting your prices, but I would check with Desertvalleyasics.com(proven trustworthy) or Apextomining.com(I also trust, but haven’t ordered from yet.) I have bought on Ebay as well and even though they have a guarentee, you have to be careful of those trying to lure you to pay outside of ebay with crypto(scammers). As for KDA(Kadena) vs BTC, BTC gets harder to complete where KDA won’t. I plan on spreading out with BTC miners next… “currently” not as profitable, but we All know it will only keep climbing… Remember machines are 3-6 years on average with normal maintenance… so to start look at the ones that you can pay off the fastest, Return on Investment(ROI). mine and hold if you can until prices jump then take profits. I am still pretty new in all this myself, but finding my way pretty quickly with help of our host… Drew Vosk and his Voskcointalk platform with tons of users… WE ALL WANT EVERYONE to grow… it only helps us…Looking for market saturation!!! LOL

You can try ETC miner like iPollo V mini 130M, i just bought two of them from Powpower.net

If your going to be spending that much money and also buying from a re-supplier, buy from a re-supplier that will take care of you through the whole process and also will take care of you afterwards,

Aaron_Raycove at https://bigskyasics.com/

Robert_Connolly at https://asicminerdepot.com/

Are two resellers I recommend that will offer awesome support before, during, and after your purchase.

If you want to save and spend the absolute lowest amount, buy directly from the manufacturer…

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But seriously, if buying through a resuppler, find a good resupplier before going forward with a purchase. Price is not everything. Talk to your resuppler and get a feel from them and get to know them. After-sale support is important when spending that much money!

i recommend my friend, he delievered on 7 L7 for me and my brothers. great price too.