About I bought a ETC miner from Powpower

Hello everyone, I am a newbie in mining, honestly I saw a lot of people talking about mining machines recently, so I also bought an iPollo V1 mini ETC on POW POWER with the mindset of trying it out, it is used to produce ETC coins.

After a few days of shipping I finally got my miner, it was packed very well and didn’t receive any damage during the shipping process.

G1 mini实拍图1
G1 mini实拍图2
G1 mini实拍图3
G1 mini实拍图4

What makes me happy is that their customer service is very patient and helped me to install my miner smoothly.
This makes me feel that they are reliable, and I was worried that they were scammers before.
I was worried that they were scammers because there are so many scammers these days, but now I think my worries were unnecessary. I found out that they are licensed by the official Grin community.

The iPollo V1 mini is still performing well, and the price of ETC has been increasing recently, so I still have confidence. The graph below is a graph of my calculated data from entering iPollo V1 mini ETC on f2pool and the payback period, which you can refer to.

This shopping experience has offset my concerns about POW POWER and increased my confidence in iPollo machine products, and I feel I can trust them completely.
I hope everyone can get a good benefit in cryptocurrency.



uh, V mini has been in stock already? why we only get the pre-order one…anyway, glad to see that you work with real supplier. If you’re interested, I’m miner supplier too!

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Anyone read semaphore on here?

Very cool to see an iPollo miner in the hands of a customer! Do you have a link to that website?

Powpower.net.its the official website.

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I purchased miner from the official website but know them in twitter@Powpower2020

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How is the power consumption? Is really 104W?

Well…from my calculation.sometimes less…

good, but u can mine only ETC or even ETH?

How legit is Powpower?

They have a bug on the site and when you enter your phone number it changes it when you save the number so DHL won’t be able to call you to deliver your miner.
They take Paypal which is good. I have my reservations until I receive the miner.

I will let you know if I get one.


iPollo V mini ETC miner is only used for mining ETC.but,you know,if you want to mine eth you must have ETH miner like iPollo V ETH miner which i know will arrive next month

If it makes you feel any better, I emailed iPollo asking if PowPower was legit or not. This was their reply,


powpower is a customer of ours. however, we cannot make guarantees on any third party entities.

thank you

Maybe they are busy selling offline or something wrong with logistics…My miners now are running well…

So far i did not find anything not legit about and seem they has official endorsement by Grin and filcoin

Hi Dave, sorry for not receiving your Email for some unknown reasons,
but have sent a notice to your email ,
Any comments contact powpower. :wave:

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I have received support.
I will let the forum know when I receive my miner and to use powpower.net to purchase from you.
Now ETC is about to half miner is overpriced but they all are at least it only uses 27 cents a day in power to run but will now make 20% less this year than I calculated. uggh

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hi dave, the buy when you enter your phone number is right now ?
any comment pls leave the message