About I bought a ETC miner from Powpower

If you buy it from the official website, you are so lucky,Because there are too few goods, they are all in the hands of the dealer,


I pollo V mini Computing power 130m,104w power consumption mute New in stock, But my price is more expensive than the official website​:grin::grin::grin:

As an authorized reseller of iPollo, Powpower have the most competitive price, we have adequate supply, 300 units per day
first order you can choose $35 coupon for buying.

No the number is incorrect it should be 7722414217 I enter it correctly but it keeps saving it incorrectly. Thanks
Powpower has the best price on these miners on the internet. I will let you know when I get mine.

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dear Dave, your number is corrected,
pls notice your email about tracing number from Powpower

How long did they say the delivery will take? Please, let me know how the sale went?

delivery time is 7-10 working days,
any comments you can contact Powpower

I got my tracking number.

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I’m excited and hopeful that this supplier (Powpower) works out. I love the fact that you can use PayPal to purchase items the delivery time and the fact that they have items on hand. I look forward to working with them if you receive your item.

I have this message from UPS

2:58 P.M. On the Way
UPS initiated contact with receiver or importer for clearance information. Once received, UPS will submit for clearance.

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Dave how is it looking? Just wanted to see if you received your miner?

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Supposed to come today I will let you know when I receive it.
Looking good and powpower.net accepts Paypal and credit cards for your protection.


Did you get your miner?

I check back all the time to see if there is any update. I’m looking to buy a miner from them but I didn’t think they were legit.

It is still in transit per tracking and should be here soon. I will let you know once I get one and I will buy another with my coupon. The prices have come down with the coin on ipollo miners so more reasonable prices than goldshell and bitmain. They take Paypal and Credit card so I am sure I will get my miner. This is why I bought from powpower.net.


thank you for supporting, maybe you have received miner of ETC,
any comments contact powpower in time

That’s my reason too. Plan to buy two more from POWPOWER because the price is lowest than ever before.

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1182usd?Good price

From my seeing. Lowest price ever before.