KD6 final specs!

KD6 final specifications are as follows. Both April and May batches are complete. Final numbers come in at 29.2T @ 2560 watts!!! LFG!!!


They will ship out by date that you ordered to those that have. More info to follow as more updates come in. Let’s see if they leave Bitmain in the dust and BEAT their timelines. I’ll leave it at that. My L7 people know about that all too well!!

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was intrigued to see them beat their initial numbers by that much and also reduce power consumption – reference on the updated official goldshell kd6 kadena kda asic miner specs https://twitter.com/goldshellminer/status/1505920065803198467


And again opposite of what Bitmain does on both ends. Timeline and production. I’m a Goldshell fan and really route for them. It’s good to see for a change.

Big fan of my kd2 (other than the price)

It’s so quiet and low wattage I didn’t take it to my farm and just run it in my basement.

I wish the LT6 was a better value.

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I hear you. For the wattage use they’re way behind in hashrate. Hopefully that changes.

This is awesome!

I just read this!!! Has me thinking very hard on if I need to add this to my arsenal!

TBH, it’s wonderful for customers. higher hashrate with lower consumption

The price though, hard to not just drop that on Kda coins instead of mine.

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Guestimating 20 coins a day @6 bucks 3600 a month. 52k preorder? 14 month return. maybe sell the miner for more by then? Half that if you make it makes it back to 10? If it makes it to 10, 36K profit on 52 k investment?

What if it beats ATH sometime in the next 8-14 months. :smiley::smiley:
Do that math!! :v:t3:

ETH is @ 375B market cap. Let’s say for fun that all KDA can manage to do is steal 3% of that market share. Roughly 11B. That’s 10xx material in my eyes. We’ll see. Man I hope I’m close.

10x sounds like a dream but this is crypto. Anything can happen

I don’t think overnight, but considering what they are trying to accomplish, 3% isn’t that much to ask for IMO. We’ll see CMNV. Hope you’re at least holding a small bag :smiley::v:t3: