Kda mining future

I am looking into the KDA box miner and am curious such as if they are dedicated to their miner or if they are wanting to transitions to POS and when? Also, if any of you have a KDA box please let me know the profitability that you are getting, thank you!

www.asicminervalue.com to get an idea how much you’ll make per day. KDA is sticking with POW.

Due to the new Kd6s already hitting. My KDbox is only pulling in 1 to .92 coins a day. down from 1.6 last november. The idea of the box is great, from a ROI standpoint? Not any more. My answer would be no for even a pro box.


Everyone is listing the KD box on EBay…

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yeah mini miners are sadly now getting a issue with higher difficult-less profitability also add in bigger more effective machines , and Roi is going up and up, unless these drops alot in price , we wont see more mini miners beeing made , i was so close to getting a kd pro box along side my kd box but now heck no, i will start thinking about finding a hosting place to place a bigger asic miner instead

I’d still keep it at .92-1 a day. If you think long term and KDA 10xx that’ll have a future value of $1500 generated a month x 12 is $18K a year. Even if it took two years with hashrate and difficulty increases, still a good deal in my mind. Everyone wants to get rich in a year or less. Think outside the box and play with some futures numbers. It gets real interesting even with these smaller miners✌🏼


Oh I’m keeping them. But I would not buy one for more than 1000 to 1500 max. 4 and 5K is not a realistic price point.


Yeah the Resellers for ASIC-Miners got completely crazy the last 6 months and they even think it is legit. Like many crazy resellers here in the Forum. :rofl:

ROI 2 years+ yeah totally normal!!!

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Super silly

Name me one other investment that you get all your money back in less than 18-24 months. I dare you!!

Day trading, with practice. Buyin KDA straight today with that 4 or 5K and waiting for it to moon.


I do that too​:joy::joy::joy::joy: