KDA mining into KuCoin - no deposits no support

So I’ve been mining KDA with a couple Kd Boxes for a couple weeks now, was going great until like 5 days ago when F2Pool ‘emergency suspended’ the pool apparently because someone tried to hack Kadena …

In any case they held mining rewards for a couple days, and then resumed payout. I’m away so I’m not able to do anything remotely besides tell someone who’s there to unplug them, and I’d hate to do that to $2400 of goldshell miners that I haven’t even had for 2 weeks.

In any case, KuCoin says the ‘wallet is under maintenance’. I’ve submitted support tickets, blew them up on Twitter, and nobody seems to tell me how long this will take or anything.

I was told with the TXID I’ll get my coins,… but what good does that do when there’s a daily deposit and every 24 hours it’s another one that needs to be researched and recovered.

What is everyone doing with their KDA? I’ve looked at a few exchanges and can’t find any that support it, I don’t have a hardware wallet yet… thoughts?

I’ve tried every option available to me with KuCoin and they don’t seem to reply to any direct questions about it.

I’m too trying to figure out the best process to get the KDAs to my coinbase, gemini, or my bank account eventually. I’m currently mining into the DXPOOL wallet, and just did my first withdrawal to HOTBIT. Hotbit’s rates are not great, and they have pretty steep fees if you want to send to say Coinbase. But at least it works. I was just about to try Kucoin, to see if I can exchange my KDA’s for a better rate, but also read that they suspended the KDA. What I don’t understand, is that there are so many goldshell miners outhere, mining into their dxpool, and holding there? For what? I have also recently purchased KD5 and would purchase more as I’m looking at this as an investment and building passive income. Do most of the other miners just enjoy mining without having an actual plan how you’d eventually get the rewards in your control and being able to use them as you wish? Not sure if @VoskCoin himself reads our post, but if you do, would love your input! Or is there a better site out there with more in depth guidance? Thank you all.

Glad someone started this new topic - I was about to myself :wink:
So, I’ve been mining KDA since June now (dxpool) and depositing into official KDA wallet (zelcore). Then one day I thought the same thing - what if I would like to cash in some of these awesome profits once KDA hits triple digits? Came across KuCoin and Hotbit that supported “trade” for KDA and been using that setup since.
Of course, the general rule of thumb is that you should not keep your coins for a long time in the mining pool or exchange accounts, but I’m not sure how else to “move” KDA quickly and effectively if needed and based on my personal experience, zelcore wallet is quite unstable and buggy, with a slow support.
Would be great to get some words of wisdom from the master himself - @VoskCoin could you maybe give us a birdseye view on the subject and what is the best wat to handle KDA long term :wink:

Hi, I moved from DxPool with KDA to PoolFlare with 2 times a day auto direct mining deposit to Zelcore, simple setup. I still use DxPool for LTC/DOGE and HNS mining with once a day auto deposit to CoinEx for HNS and CoinBase with LTC/DOGE. KDA reject rate went down from 8% on DxPool to less than 1% after moving to PoolFlare, averaging 2 KDA an hour(50/day) with 10 box miners on PoolFare.


Thank you @Newtown03 , appreciate it and will look into it. Also, is it easy to exchange the kda to bitc or usdt and eventually send to your bank account from Zelcore? What about the exchange rates and the transfer fees? Thanks.

I mine my KDA on DXpool and send it to Zelcore. From there I change it to Chain 1 instead of 0. Then I was transferring to Kucoin but haven’t been able to because of the maintenance. I read on reddit that Kadena was having network issues and that is why Kucoin cant support it at this time.

My big issue at the moment is that I have a week of daily deposits that F2Pool says “Paid”

And then I go to KuCoin and it says “Node Maintenance”

I’ve filled out 2 support tickets simply asking them if I should mine to another wallet or if this is going to be an issue… I don’t have another wallet that supports KDA at the moment but I’ll get one if needed.

First response asked me for the TXIDs of the payments, so I sent that 2 days ago… no reply.

Today I open a new ticket simply asking them if KuCoin is stealing my money… their reply…

** Dear KuCoin user,

Thank you for contacting KuCoin Support team. This is Emilia, the customer service in KuCoin, and I am glad to serve you.

Please be aware that we have received your request, however, it will take a little bit of time for us to reply to your email. To avoid delays in resolving your issues, please refrain from submitting multiple tickets. Meanwhile, we strongly recommend you check FAQ first via FAQ – KuCoin Help Center in order to get assistance quickly.**

I had similar problems with hotbit , they suspended the wallet and i had deposits pending. Took like 3 weeks before they opened it up and I got my coins. After that I never put daily mining revenue directly to the exchange. I’ve been using zelcore with no issues. I’ll second that pool flare has been the best for me and i’m in the usa and tried them all. getting less than .5 percent rejected. I also started to use Coin Ex but don’t really think they are any cheaper


I have used HotBit but only when I was desperate to raise some of that dirty fiat. The exchange rate is about 7-8% lower than what you’ll get on KuCoin (which is still inaccessible as of this writing) or Bittrex which is accessible. The other mark against HotBit is the higher withdrawal fees relative to other CEXs.

According to coinranking.com, KDA trading volume on HotBit is much lower compared to Bittrex - most likely because of the lower exchange rates offered.