KDA Payout on Prohashing

I just noticed Prohashing has added Kadena as a payout option. So my L7 can pay me in KDA to whichever wallet I would like. Hmmmm

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Interesting, have you been able to send to crypto.com? I see they have Kadena but I don’t think I can send it from DxPool because it’s a different type of coin (0-1) or something like that. I’m new mining and just started mining with kd box pro. It would be nice to have the ability to go straight to crypto.com

I do not know. At this point I do not have a crypto.com account. I would say you probably can with an extra step or two. Someone with more experience on here could answer better than I. Currently I am mining other coins to my trezor but trezor does not support KDA. My L7 mines LTC, among a few others. I do not have a KDA miner (yet). This weekend I may set it up to send KDA to kucoin to see how it goes.


Thanks @Shoe. Happy mining

Zelcore or xwallet are great.

Where do you find out what the Kda payout will be? Have a link?

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No link, but I tried it for a couple of days and got 11.4 kda each day. Prohashing does have a minimum for free payout-$50.00. Am curious how l7 goes up against kd2, or 5.