Kda poolflare mining pool configuration

Hey guys, i am willing to buy a kd box but before that want to make sure I find good pool.
I saw that poolflare has good potential but i can not understand how to set up and configure it properly.

Someone can give me an example on how to configure it??

Yeah, it’s not the most intuitive. Go to poolflare.net/coin/kda/pool. Enter the wallet address that you’ll be using, and I’d suggest using the latest, more secure k: prefix variant. Zelcore is a common software wallet but it completely sucks because it’s soooo damn buggy. I’ve since shifted from Zelcore to a Coinmetro (CEX) account. Kucoin is another option but they’re in the process of upgrading their KDA wallets to the more secure k: variant. I think this has been going on for at least 2 weeks without any hints as to wtf is going on. So I don’t think you can deposit KDA there currently.

In your Goldshell software, unlock the miner then click on “miner” tab. Click on “add” a pool. For URL, pick the appropriate pool address listed on the poolflare.net site. For me, it’s kda-us.ss.poolflare.net:443 (you can use 3333 or 6666 too). Copy/paste to the URL line in the “miner” tab. The miner name is your wallet address followed by a period (.) then followed by whatever name you choose for your rig (e.g. KDBox1). Click on “apply” and you should be good to go.

Once you get it going, in addition to 443 port, I’d add 2 additional pools using the 3333 and 6666 failover ports in case 443 goes down using the same process


If your having issues starting to mine after adding the pool (as outlined above)
----> Reset miner from within the goldshell dashboard

Your pool should register and automatically start mining :pick::pick::pick::pick:

FYI, everyone is mining to poolflare.

They have 70% of miners which is way above the 51% threshold. This puts KDA at risk!

Don’t let greed make a great project fail.

If you have one KDA miner, sure hook it up to poolflare.

But if you have multiple miners, I would hope people would have half of them mine from other pools… but greed apparently makes people do otherwise.


Perhaps including the steps to get started mining on the other pools might help…

The only pool i could even link to was Poolflare. 🤷

Since most technical issues are user error… I’m sure i did something wrong when attempting to comnect to both f2pool & dxpool

*** Things were not as unbalanced before those sites went down.
You can see in the charts that poolflare’s hash rate only dropped of for a short while in comparison to the rest…
This is course results in more miners switching to poolflare

I got my KD-Box on Nov 10th. At that time Poolflare had the majority of hash, by a lot. I believe it was 65-70% but definitely way over 50%. That’s why I went with Dxpool at first, then tried F2Pool. Eventually I too tried Poolflare because the rejection rate at the other 2 was so high.

Poolflare got hacked too - requiring a .net address now to mine. What is needed is for Dxpool and F2Pool to step up, reduce their % take to 2%, like Poolflare, and fix the rejection rate problems.

Things should balance if all 3 major KDA pools were even - but sadly they aren’t.

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Agreed with this completely @JoeJoe , i.e. other pools need to step up. So what SpragClutch might refer to it as “greed”, I look at it as an unemotional decision tree focused on maximizing ROI - within the bounds of the law and ethics.

I’ll get on my soapbox for a minute . . . Most people didn’t get into KDA mining for altruism. Folks will want to breakeven on their rig(s) before they start conceding some income for the good of humanity (or some JP Morgan supported, POW crypto project). Dxpool and F2Pool produce notably lower yields compared to Poolflare because of fees and high rejection rates.

SpragClutch’s point regarding too much concentration in Poolflare is well taken and inarguably correct. If other pools can increase their competitiveness from the standpoint of Kadena mining, I’d be happy to make the switch. But until they do, or at least make an attempt . . .

One must consider both short term gains and long term gains.

KDA has already hit an unexpected snag with the K: accounts being the fix and hence Kucoin being shut down for wallet upgrades, F2pool is shut down for some reason…

KDA is new. Bad people are just as excited about KDA as good people.

We as miners can make KDA more resilient by spreading our miners equally amongst the pools. Hence making KDA long term growth more secure.

Or we can lump all our miners to one pool and play the game of risk, hoping the bad guys don’t end up making a 51% attack and making our KDA fail long term. Hence, only focus on the immediate short term gain of paying our miners off a little quicker.

Do the right thing, if you have multiple miners, spread them equally amongst the working pools. The 1% fee difference and rejection rate only seem to make a small difference between dxpool and poolflare. This small short term loss is worth it, if KDA can make longterm gains by remaining secure.

I just started mining with a KD-BOX and I have a dexpool account I tried to connect my wallet but I don’t no if I am doing something wrong also I would like to move to PoolFlare I need help I am willing to pay someone if we can do a live video session showing me how to connect everything thanks for the time and help

I just started mining with a KD-BOX and I have a dexpool account I tried to connect my wallet but I don’t no if I am doing something wrong also I would like to move to PoolFlare I need help I am willing to pay someone if we can do a live video session showing me how to connect everything thanks for the time and help

Before the .net change I was making more on Dxpool than I was on Poolflare, even with the failure rates. I’m back on Dxpool now. the failure rates are even higher, but the payout is still good. Will know in a day or so if it is still better.

I wouldn’t characterize people as “good” or “bad” with respect to mining. People tend to act in their own self-interest. Your self-interest appears to be the long game and/or feeling good about contributing to the community. There’s nothing wrong with that. For other people, it’s the short game. There’s nothing objectively wrong with that either. Everybody makes their choices and lives with the consequences. No tears. So the “right thing” for one person is not the same as for another person.

So your objective point about de-risking a potential future 51% attack is well taken. I’m willing to move a KD5 to Dxpool for a 2-week trial period and will evaluate how it does relative to a KD5 on Poolflare. If they’re reasonably close, then it’ll remain on Dxpool. But if there’s some double digit discrepancy, then it might not even make it through the trial period given that a daily yield “rounding error” for a KD5 is more than most ASIC rigs yield in a day.


To clarify,

My references to bad people was not directed at you or other fellow miners. Miners in general are supporting KDA in positive ways regardless which pool they are mining from.

My reference to bad people are those that want to exploit KDA through things like 51% attacks or other similar means.

So its up to the “good people” like “miners”, to mine knowing that there are bad people looking to exploit KDA through 51% attacks.

Can you elaborate on what a 51% attack is? Thanks.

51% Attack Definition.

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Can we get up to date info on connecting to dxpool?

Im not sure if communicated it well enough above but i could not get connected to dxpool or f2pool.

I tried all 3 just to know how to connect and to have options…

The only pool i was able to connect to was Poolflare
and even that was do in great part to a recent post made by @JoeJoe

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Here is a picture of the Pool Config for your KDA box.

The pool address in the “URL” section is the most recent dxpool address for KDA.

In the MIners name, you have to start with your dxpool username. Then following the period “.” you write what you want your miner to be named. Example, “username.KDBox1”

The password can be whatever you wish it to be.

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I should add, do not use the DXPOOL button in the Pool Config to autofill the Url. Dxpool changed the pool address recently due to China shutting the old pool address down. The dxpool address in the picture is the correct one (notice the “.net” in it).


Thanks I was trying to put my wallet key as user name (like poolflare)

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