Kdbox Ethernet port light is not blinking

Hi, I just received a used kdbox but unfortunately it is not working. It’s works fine for around 20 minutes and then the Ethernet port light does not blink and stops mining. I tried to change the Ethernet cable, format, restart but still the same problem. Can anyone guide me on this

It’s an old version with Ethernet only not wifi

Do you have a SS? How are your settings? Firmware update?

Hi Maya123
Reset factory setting then update firmware to the latest version 2.2.0 download here

I’ll try to reset and update firmware the device … thank you for the advice

The new Firmware version now is 2.2.1 you download from Github

My kdbox miner still shuts off automatically. It works fine for around 20 minutes and then shuts off autoamitally. We tried to install the firmware but it’s not accepting … can anyone help me here with my problem ? Thanks

I think those have a shutoff feature if they overheat. I would check your temps on the dashboard around the time it will shut off @maya123