Kmax firmware install on kd6

Anyone tried updating a kd6 with the kdmax firmware?? I mean the kdmax came out so quickly after the kd6 which screwed everyone royally so how much could it really have changed from the original kd6.

Lol kd6 is goldshell and kd max is bitmain two totally different company it will not work

Odds are they may be compatible firmware to an extent, but it sounds like you’re looking to speed up the processing power of your KD6? As far as efficiency is concerned that has more to do with the specific chip in the machine, which will be different. But if you’re looking to increase the hash-rate, there are ways to adjust the settings. Just be very careful when doing so as you don’t want to overheat your machine. any adjustments to fan speed or Hz should be gradual and monitored, and only done if you’re operating in a cool environment, keeping in mind that when things warm up again you may overheat the chips…

Thanks for the reply. That answered my question. If the chips are truly different then it wouldn’t do much to change the firmware. I was just thinking that because it was so new maybe it was just a change in the firmware. I’ve done the whole 10 click thing to change the power plan but I’m unsure what settings to try on the kd6 to overclock it. I’ve overclocked my gpus with msi but I’ve never done it on an asic. Any suggestions on the overclock settings?

Here are the current settings

I’m not sure if you were serious or joking but . . . KD Max is Goldshell too. Maybe you’re thinking of the new KA3. That’s a Bitmain Antminer rig.

Fwiw, the KD6 uses different firmware than the KD Max. But whether they’re compatible or not, I don’t know.

Latest version of KD6 firmware appears to be 2.2.11


Well if you’re familiar with the process that’s good, just be safe, don’t burn up your machine. You could try bumping up by 100 MHz at a time. as we’re headed into cooler weather you may be able to push it a little this winter. One thing you’ll likely find, higher frequency doesn’t necessarily mean higher hash rate, there are typically sweet spots. Just make an adjustment and give it time for the hash rate to settle in, if you see it starts going down, pull back on the setting. However as you raise that, your chips energy efficiencies tend to decline… something else to consider if KDA doesn’t start moving up soon.