Ks 5 pro 21 th - August

Ks5 pro 21t

Ks5 pro $13k

Were ordered by folks in my network, currently looking to pass along up to 5 miners to further defer their per unit cost, as well as to become a little less over leveraged and stretched to thin. August batch.

message me if interested, if post not allowed sorry in advance.

post does not follow the rules. you must have them on hand and have a picture of the item with a sign that has the discord name and your username as well as the days date. please delete.

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Apologies, given that what you are requesting is 99% impossible to do at this current place In time and was disclosed immediately i think it should be allowed.

These rules are to keep the members of our community safe from scam artists. You need to either take it down, or edit the post to abide by Voskcointalk guidelines.

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When you have the miners in your hands take a photo with all the other required info and come back.

Just an FYI everyone the language used and information provided rings bells of a user banned here. Not sure why if this person was legitimate why they would come and try to do business with people they have never met or interacted with, with absolutely no proof of what they are doing and expect us to be cool with it. I’m sure people in your “network” are willing to pick up the slack, or sell to someone like kaboomracks or bt miners when they arrive.


its not, the mods arent super active but if they see this post you will be suspended at best and banned at worst.

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Ok I will remove again I apologize

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It will not let me remove sorry

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