Ks0 abnormal hashing

Hi, I bought a ks0 from minerbros and it arrived today, I’m having trouble with it it goes on and I enter pool and address details, I tried NiceHash, and humm. But I still get 5 min hash rate abnormal, I’ve replaced Ethernet, took it somewhere else to try different Wi-Fi network, I’ve factory reset it and restarted it and tried multiple different addresses format(kaspa:……) but I still cannot seem to get it to work if anyone knows how to fix it would be greatly appreciated thank. You


How do you mean abnormal? 5 minutes isnt long enough for the average to be correct.

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I had to use humpool.

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Was able to get working on US pool, which is odd but it’s working :100:

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Had this same issue. Checked my router and security settings were blocking it with pure ferocity… Just something to consider when having issues like this.