KuCoin for Kadena

I am trying to sell my Kadena coins from what I’ve mined. ≈75% of KDA transactions happen on KuCoin according to reports I’ve read. I have two KuCoin accounts now. The first one I made while using my normal internet here in the US. The second one I made using a VPN and was in Mexico. I created the second one while using the VPN but when I go to KDA to deposit KDA into my account, it still just says Wallet Upgrade. It has been 3 weeks since I was trying to sell my KDA.

How else can we sell KDA? I have a CoinMetro account and I was successfully able to deposit KDA in, and trade it for USD. But, I tried to send the USD to me via a bank wire transfer on CoinMetros website and it just has been saying that my submission is pending and they’ll email me when they know anything.

Is anyone successfully selling KDA anywhere, where I can make an account right now and begin getting USD in my bank account?

Thanks in advance.

I use coinmetro to swap it to btc generally, then send to coinbase or cyrpto.com then it’s easy to cash out from there. Not sure that is helpfull. Nothing is ever in one place it seems. It is helpful to have some infrastructure set up beforehand.

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Following. For now I’m just HODL’ing it in Zelcore. Everyone is bullish on KDA going higher anyway so…. But I’d like to cash out if there is a need. I hope Kucoin finishes the k: upgrade soon.

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