KuCoin withdraw Kadena to Coinbase gives error

I was trying to withdraw from KuCoin Kadena to USDC on Coinbase but when I enter the Coinbase USDC wallet address I get this error:

“Contain invalid or sensitive information.”

But if I choose KuCoin Bitcoin (BTC) to USDC on Coinbase with the same Coinbase USDC wallet address I do not receive the error.

Not sure what to do. Any help on how to withdraw Kadena to Coinbase is appreciated.

Thank you.

You can’t withdraw it to coinbase because coinbase doesn’t support kda. Make sure you download a web based wallet or a third party wallet that supports kda

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Kadena is in KuCoin and I wanted to withdraw it to Coinbase to the USDC wallet. Does the Kadena coin need to be converted to another coin in KuCoin first before withdrawing to Coinbase USDC?

I assume you are very new to crypto. You can’t withdraw kda to your usdc. Your coinbase usdc can only accept usdc. I would like to suggest that you watch couple videos on youtube to understand and educate yourself how crypto works

Convert the KDA to USDT. Then USDT to USDC. That’s the only way from KuCoin to Coinbase with what you’re trying to do.

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Thank you, I appreciate the steps.

ps: Any preferences between KuCoin and Coinmetro for Kadena?

I personally like kucoin because there is no kyc at the moment

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Use the k: address. The withdrawal function goes down frequently. Open a support ticket or just wait till tomorrow

KuCoin, coinmetro doesn’t have a big market and you end up paying over market.

KuCoin sounds good. Currently, KuCoin is not allowing me to trade unless I upload my ID card.
Yes, I will be using the k: address


KDA withdrawal is turned off right now.possible liquidity issue.

No problem. Good luck!!

What does the mean to have “liquidity issues”?
Kucoin’s KDA wallet says “maintenance issues”.

Means they don’t have enough to pay out. They do this once in a while. Shitty business practice.

Is the Kadena “under maintenance issues” only with KuCoin or also other exchanges like Coinmetro?

Only kucoin. Seems like they may be doing some shady things

Definitely seems a bit odd. They went under maintenance just before I was about to use them, now I am thinking of using Coinmetro or Coinex for Kadena unless you have other suggestions?

KuCoin website regarding Kadena maintenance: