L3+ changed general configuration

my antminer l3+ was hashing away nicely for 2 days, then randomly changed the pool address to nicehas which i am not a part of. Has my miner been hacked? I turned off for now till i figure out. Any suggestions

There has been a virus going around that changes the pool address. You can google/YouTube it. Several people have posted how to clear the virus on youtube, not too difficult to do

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I followed a method with tweezers and had no luck, still changes the pool. I noticed on most videos the sd card has the pins up, but my board only accepts pins down, could that be a problem?

I’m not sure, you may want to try and reach out to @Master3004 , I believe he has a ton of experience with these and he may have an answer for you.


whats up @Jesse_G

and settings dont change, unless u have it change with external profile from another app/desktop interface ur using, or controllboard doesnt save it. or virus

Have one of my L3+ keep changing my pool address, i assume its a virus, i used one method online of sd card and using tweezers between ground and one pin, reset and had no luck, any suggestions?

whats it change to

Someone on nicehash, i dont pool there

did u do a firmware install without keeping current settings ? or reset the device?

hold the rest button on the l3 front of it for like 10 sec, . red light will blin… then let go… let it reset, then get the awesome miner desktop verion, run it, get ur asic added, then go to asic tools, click up update firmware, check the box awesome miner firmware, select version 3.9 . 2.8 and apply… if it does it after that,. then he either has acess to it or ur pc, or its a virus

Ill try that

and also has virus took in there u can try to use, might work. might not