L3+ hashboard not detected

Hi guys, i had 1 hashboard on one of my L3+ that was not detected when i woke up this morning…

I restarted it with same result, i then disconnected the PSU and started it back, hashboard now back fully functionnal.

I had the same thing happened with this L3+ on delivery when i received it from china 1 month ago and after a restart or two it never came back until this morning, pretty sure it was not on the same hashboard.

Could it be power supply related? The apw3++ i got seem pretty old and beaten…

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve had a hash board not show up. a restart usually fixes the issue. When you do restart it unplug the box wait 30 s or so and plug back in. If it still doesn’t show up double triple check the cables and there connection. clean all the dust if any and then you may won’t to try reinstalling the firmware. If you have them over clocked you may need to downclock that board as well. It very well could be power supply related but as long as nothing is over heating and the fan for the power supply is still working the above check list should fix the issue. Worst case the board is dyeing. There are lots of places you can send it in for repairs. Hope this helps.

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Well thats exactly what i had in mind, i unplugged it for a minute and checked all connections before doing anything else, next step would have been to downclock the board a bit but all temps are ok and its back running strong now…

Thanks for the help!