L3+ people help out

if you have an L3+ and you can get a picture with good lighting and a ruler showing the 2d dimensions of the board I’ve been looking for a measurement all day but can find any

there ya go @Jfregoso

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The jumper from the regulator? section to the boost section seems common.

is a solid state switch-mode voltage boost p/s that takes the 10vDCO, feeds VIN (PIN6) of UL111 + one side of L1, boosts the V+ up to 14VDC (much like a buck converter), and then sends via PIN4 (LX) of UL111 the increased voltage [now protected by D1 (MBR0540)] to the circuit’s BOOST-OUT line [with a test point to verify on either side of C1072].it is… its just a voltage boost


Very detailed explanation - thanks! My comment was that I see a jumper wire used as a common “repair” patch. I’ve been reading manuals and watching videos for a week now about L3+’s. And boards that have that are usually eventually repaired properly - replacing the failed component that is bypassed with the wire.

Yes they are
That is a garbage China fix they bypass the faulty component and run constant voltage as explained above.

No sister board here just straight jumpered