L3+ With official power supply,

You registered jan 6th… lol must have been some eager asic buyers


Thank you for your kind reminder. I’ve always supported on-site trading. Test the machine on the spot. I have never received a deposit in advance. But when someone comes up, they call me a liar. Repeat over and over again that I am a liar. This malicious personal attack. I can’t stand it.

My business has been very stable. My main customers are in Russia. Because a lot of equipment is needed there. I just want to open up some other markets. But some people are good or bad. Attack me without any evidence. This makes me feel very wronged.

This kind of dark means. It’s your specialty. You are premeditated. You angered me and then reported me. Dirty means. A disgraceful means.

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If you don’t think it’s dirty. This is premeditated. Shot in the back.

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First, you have no evidence that I am a liar. Second, you make personal attacks. Third, you deliberately provoke me. Let me swear. This is your dark method. Dirty means.

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Mean means please continue to perform!

it’s unreasonable for them to travel to China and not know anything about you or the company you work for.
If you are a supplier, at a minimum give out this information.

But also people aren’t likely to travel to China anyways with a pandemic happening and the cost just to fly there being expensive.

You’d be more likely to sell them to people on this forum by agreeing to ship the miners.

I think he said he will accept PayPal which I’m assuming means he will ship

He’s a scammer anyways there’s no way this guy is legitimate

Keep ranting and raving I’m sure people will want to buy miners from you now.

Your just angry I exposed your scam

Sir, I agree with you. I want to know your channels for buying used equipment. Trust is hard to build. There was once an Englishman, and we talked for a long time, and I trusted him very much. He said he could be my agent in England. Let me send a machine and test it for him. Of course, I’ll pay you after the test. I sent him the equipment because it was only a few hundred dollars. As a result, he never gave me money, kept procrastinating, and finally disappeared. I won’t feel sad. After all, not everyone is like him. So now I support on-site trading. Even so, someone still slandered me. not have

Keep using your dirty tricks. Keep shooting in the back. I don’t want to tangle with you. You can’t provide any evidence. It’s just a simple personal attack. It’s powerless.

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Nobody here will ever buy anything from you
You are way to sketchy
Stop posting now

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You can only represent yourself. Wake up!You also sell equipment. I see. I have affected your interests. You are here to attack me. Also go to the administrator to frame me, which is really a dark means.

Someone in the forum told me that you re-sell equipment in another account. It turns out that you are also a supplier, and I hope you can take bright measures.

It is right to have competition in the industry, but your methods are too dirty.

I do not sell equipment. That would be a lie.

I changed my mind you have won me over.

I will buy many units of L3+.

Please contact me to arrange payment
You can ship them to me in Canada