L7 ; 7 pieces up for grabs on arrival

$16,500 per down via usdt, btc $3250 on arrival or;

$23,750 PayPal (funds must be of use/ made available)

USA, interested please reach out, transparent and flexible.

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Would you consider using escrow?

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No I do not obtain them without 16,500 per unfortunately

$18,500 total for 1 to whoever steps in to help.

Nah but could take pp / biz cash app / coin / wire - as long as the $ is of use any of these options are viable and available

While it seems a great price. It seems too many try to scam on this forum. How do we confirm availability for these miners and your legitimacy?

Did you preorder these they are shipping now? What delays due to the Chinese New Year are expected?

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Following, interested possibly

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I was told before months end last I heard. The rest I supposed after holiday just by common sense / what I’ve seen around these parts

No , I need the $ to be of use , will accept PayPal at a obviously higher cost