L7 $8500 payment by stripe or crypto

Well swap just came out. If u hate it here so much fucking leave no one going to do business with u with out u having the asic so either cough up money your self and buy and sell or just give it up here. None of us are going to stop. We’re here to protect some from being destroyed. Which I watched with master and not going to let that happen again so I’d say move on before you are suspended.


Aside from the drama I fully support new rules stating you must actually have the product in your possession.

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Truthfully there should be no selling on here go to the discord where it’s heavily monitored fakes don’t last long there at all

Plus u must own and have on hand to even sell there with pictures names dates once u post there will be one of us looking it over since it’s active there

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Could care less if his feelings are hurt. Money is on the table and people are getting hurt. Grow tfu.
Use an escrow contract with BT.

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This is a group. Expect the “uninvolved” to speak up when this kind of abuse shows up.

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This is an open forum, meaning anyone is free to express views and opinions within the rules of the forum. Sadly you’re rambling on like swapp and as most will agree you sound exactly like swapp. Like I stated to swap, sell it on eBay and get shot of whatever your trying to sell if you’re that desperate. I’m guessing you have been banned from ebay and PP. This isnt the only forum that covers Crypto, so why not sell it on these as no one on here will touch someone whose credibility is in question or anyone whose involved with swapp.



Sorry for trying to help everyone involved!!

Risk of loss/ elimination of “credibility being in question” was and is available in the use of C.C.


Have a nice day!

Me again, lost over $100k here with detailed transaction proofs: bit.ly/3QYzNPH

TunerEVO aka Swapp aka Justin Howarth is running a massive Ponzi scheme. If he had any units and cared about his customers like he says he does, he would have shipped them to me already.

Already recovered some via credit card disputes but the majority of the transactions were made via bank account or Zelle, which I am working with Chase to take down this operation.

More and more victims continue to be found, both before and after me.

banned for not following buy sell trade forum guidelines/rules.