L7 9050 Miner not Hashing after move

Hello everyone. I have an Antminer L7 9050. Everything was running smoothly until I moved into my new offices. I found the miner on the new network and launched the dashboard, so I know its connected to the internet. But there is 0 hashrate. The Dashboard is blank, it either says No Data, or the fields are blank. I restored factory settings and then refilled in the miner and pool info, still nothing. It’s drawing the correct voltage from the PDU. Any suggestions would be helpfull… thank you

Is there a way to check that the miner is reaching the internet? Not just my local network?

It’s possible some cables have come unplugged slightly, take a look at the miner log and see if it says found 0 asic or 120 asic, boards that say 120 asic will work and if it says 0 asic then it won’t work. Just re plug in all of the cables to the hashboards and see if that helps

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Clear your cache and try accessing the miner from an incognito browser

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