L7 $9k s19 110th $3800

Title says it all fam please don’t be a stranger happy to help, victim of identity theft and sim swap fraud don’t know where to turn happy to kyc and send video proof

Funny, i offered you $5000 and to drive to you in June and you wouldn’t take it. now down to $3800? I think its time you move on and accept your loses. Run the miner, you will make more than $3800 in a year

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This person is nothing but a menace. He’s totally best ignored as he offers NOTHING to this platform. It’s a pity @VoskCoin cant just just ban him for constant trolling.


Why am I trolling. What are you so mad about? I would be happy to prove you wrong in every single possible way, just name how and it’s done thsn I want an apology. You have me all wrong pal.

What? And I disclosed to you how that would be possible and invited you… as I do still now