L7 availability

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for x2 L7s it was showing up on compass and bitmain site till like 2 days ago but everyone seems to be out of stock now. Anyone know where I could find 2?

If not what would be the best ASIC miner to mine with? which is available any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Compass’ stock goes in and out pretty regularly. Those L7’s where there for a while tho, so who knows if they will come back. I emailed them yesterday about restock and they said that’s all there current stock on the site. I check everyday. Sometimes they remove an item and within a day or 2 its back up but at a higher rate or online date is much later.
Good Luck!
I’ve missed quite a few times I wanted to buy only to have them do this to me. Gotta be quick on the draw!
AKminer.com is taking orders(november order) for $17,800 right now.

@parkth3car is Akminer a legit shop any feedback?

never bought from them, sorry can’t say!

Not to hijack this post but where can I get a legit SHA-256 Bitcoin miner and not get scammed? Goldshell and Bitmain are completely OOS. Been an intense Voskcoin fan since the beginning of this year so I’ve followed all the videos and threads but they inevitably lead to dead ends.

I’m looking to score some L7s with Compass as well. By the time I researched a bit and moved some money around they were taken off the site. Waiting to make the move if they list again!

Good luck guys :+1:

I have purchased several miners from Coin Mining Central. They are legit and I found them through Vosk.

If you order a L7 can you put it in a regular house?

I’m planning on putting in a garage for sure too loud in the living quarters.
Going to vent the heat out air to the out side.
It for sure is going to be loud!!

Also wanting to know if akminer is a scam. We’re on the same page dude lol

You should reach out to us, East Coast Mining, we might some November batch left, but most likely it will be the December batch.