L7 Dec/Nov Batch Vendors

Hi Vosk Talk Peeps,

I’m trying to find a reputable vendor for L7’s. I’ve found a lot but with all the scams out there, I’m hesitant to purchase from anyone without a reference from someone or multiple people. Can anyone provide a reputable vendor who won’t just take my crypto and fly to the Carribean never to be seen again?

Great content on the YouTube channel, and this forum is great as well. So many scams out there, you can never be too careful.

I ordered a GS KD5 from Eastcoastmining. It’s set for Fedex delivery today. Assuming it arrives safe and sound and I’m hashing by tonight, then I’ll be 1:1 with them. Small sample size admittedly, but there are a couple of newer US vendors out there that do appear legit (or are, at least, trying to be)

I mention this because they’re offering Dec batch L7s (9.16) for $22.2k.

Eastcoastmining also has established an initial presence on Voskcointalk, fwiw. And you can do some Googling and find info about company’s LLC, their LLC status in registered state, office address, etc. You can also call them and they’ll actually pick up the phone and have a conversation with you. They also respond reasonably quickly to emails.

I also had luck with another start-up vendor, Printcrypto. They communicate very well once an order is placed. I bought a GS LT5 Pro from them back in August and it arrived at my door within 2 1/2 weeks. It’s been hashing in my garage since. Again, I’m only 1:1 with them so ymmv. I have a another KD5 on order with them due to arrive next week (I hope).

It’s smart to be very skeptical. I got scammed earlier in this year. I didn’t pay attention and “bought” an LT5 from goldshellmining.com (scam site), rather than from goldshell.com, as I merely clicked on a link on a web site. Stupid me. I allowed myself to get scammed because of lack of due diligence and not paying attention.

Even if legit, it’s tough to say how many of these smaller, start-up vendors having staying power. And they probably don’t have the financial wherewithal if they themselves get screwed over by the Chinese manufacturers or government, e.g. if Bitmain screws them over are they going to have the means to make you whole on an L7 order? I doubt it . . . . though I could allege the same for Compass)

If you want, DM me later tonight and I’ll let you know how it went with my KD5. Fedex tracking shows that it’s out for delivery. Crossing my fingers that I get a functional ASIC rather than a small boat anchor.


Please let me know if you got your miner, I’m interested in purchasing that L7 you mentioned.

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I did receive it! Looks pristine with no evidence that it’s anything other than brand new. Here it is, after I had already attached a fan shroud so that I can direct the heat out through 6" ducting

In fairness, I haven’t fired it up yet as I had a few electrical mods to finish up in my garage that have taken longer than expected. With any luck and assuming no more runs to Home Depot, I should have it hashing before noon on Fri.

Thanks I was able to find a source of L7s that legitamite for a great price, 20k MOQ 5 for Dec batch. I jumped on it, but great to know that there’s a legit shop in the states as well. Will keep their site bookmarked and check stock every once in a while. Please update once it fires up and working.

are you not concerned that the fan shroud could act as a resistor to the airflow and result in heat accumulation?

Yes. But I live in FL and absolutely need to get the heat out of my garage. Even winter here really isn’t that cold. So I needed a way, via some sort of smooth transition, to pass the warm air from the ASICs through an adapter then through short runs of 6" aluminum ducting and out a garage window. The ducting connects to a window adapter plate (basically a 8" x 30" x 3/4" PVC board) that has three (expandable to four) 6" dia flanged holes to which I can connect 3 (or 4) ASICs. So far so good but next summer will be the true test as to whether the ASICs run warm as it’s only been low to mid 80s here (down to a frosty 75 by Sunday! brrrrrrr).

My theory is that slightly constricted flow would be offset by the ASICs being able to draw in much cooler air from outside my garage. E.g., in August, the ASICs were simply exchanging my garage air, i.e. air exited the ASICs into my garage and eventually made its way back to the inlet. Temps in my garage in August were as high as 104). Not good

Fwiw, you’re right in that the area of the 6" adapter exit is less than that of the two 120mm fans (~81%). The eBay seller of the adapters does make a larger size that better matches the exit dia of the twin fans, but good luck buying ducting for that size. Optimal adapter exit dia would need to be ~6.75" but that’s custom adapters with perhaps some metric sized flexible ducting

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Hello Zilina,
I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the fan shroud from?! I want one for my L7


eBay. Do a search on ASIC double fan shroud. You’ll have to measure up your L7. I have a LT5 and a KD5. Both use 120mm double fan shrouds

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Hi there

Do you mind letting me know where you found the L7? i am in Australia and currently looking but very hard to know what’s real as you would know.

@Lance_Amini One thing that I’d add, my LT5 Pro is a high wattage ASIC compared to the KD5’s, similar to the L7 (i.e. LT5 Pro and L7 are 3100W and 3450W, respectively). Well, watts = heat = need to move lots of air across the heat sinks. I bought dual 120mm to 6" outlet fan shrouds for both the LT5 and the KD5 (there was a volume discount). This size works fine for the KD5’s (2250W). Plenty of air moves across the heat sinks and keeps the chips reasonably cool.

However, the shroud’s 6" exit diameter appears to constricts the air flow too much by the time it intakes through a filter, into a 6" dia opening then goes though the 6" ducting to outside. The fans are constantly spinning at or slightly over 6000 rpm, struggling to move enough air to cool the chips. When you do the area of a circle math on dual 120mm inlets vs 6" dia outlets you’ll see the problem, which I should’ve seen from the get go.

So I ordered a 120mm to 7" outlet shroud specifically for the LT5. Should be here in a week. Combined with a larger filter, that should solve the problem. In the meantime, I removed the filter on the intake side to allow more airflow and opened the noise abatement box (basically a modified Igloo cooler)

Just wanted to make you aware that you should probably order the 7" exit or even the 8" exit dia shroud for a L7 as it uses even more wattage than a LT5 Pro

Do you have your Lt5 pro in a cooler?

Does the double fan shroud exhausting outside lower the noise level of the Lt5 pro?

Maybe a little, but not much. It does seem to direct some of the noise outside but the biggest bonus is that it keeps my garage much cooler.

What really helped lower noise by 10-11db was using cheap Igloo 48 qt coolers lined with automotive sound deadening. Still, unless you build a muffling system, the intake noise stays pretty loud, and my ASICs have a larger filter at the inlet.

Do you have yours in a cooler? I made up one for my Lt5 pro, but what about the power supply connected to it? I assume the power supply needs vented out at well? I only have the fans vented out from the cooler.

I do. It’s in a 48 qt Igloo cooler that I got off of Amazon for $24.

This is an older pic. I’ve since lined it with auto sound deadening. I also added three 1 3/4" holes to the right of the main outlet to allow the heat from the power supply to vent out. However, when the lid is closed, the inlet fans draw in so much air all these new holes do is allow fresh air to rush in past the power supply to the inlet. I’d have to use an inlet adapter that draws air only from outside the cooler in order to isolate power supply exit air

When I upgrade the outlet to 7" dia ducting, I’m going to try to use foam to isolate power supply heat in order to force it out the three holes mentioned above, or even add a small fan to create some negative pressure

That all said, power supply heat is a fraction of the heat coming out of the ASIC miner itself. Right now, the fact that power supply exhaust air/heat is blending with the inlet air doesn’t really matter. In the summer, it might be a different story. During last summer, I was just running the LT5 Pro open in my garage without trying to manage noise or heat, and it still happily hashed away.

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I’m in florida too I have my l7 inside and I can’t keep to keep heading keep giving g me fault message I am venting with a 6 shroud that melting trying to get another now

You wanna go with at least 8” shroud for L7.

I can vouch https://minerscat.com/

Scam site