L7 electric wiring hack

Anyone try to split a L6-30 plug into two c14 plugs to go directly into one L7?

I currently have them on a long pdu with 10 outlets of which only 2 can be used.

Also can I downgrade to a 20 amp double pole breaker instead of the usual 30 amp breaker/L7?

Just got the thought of splitting the main plug today after the huge waste of space of the pdus

I see no reason why you couldn’t as long as you’re able to get a solid and safe connection to each prong. My S19 power cords were connected via wire nuts to 8ga wire in a junction box. You’re basically doing the same thing but with a plug and outlet.

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Run all my asic that way I have that same pdu per what ever you want to call it made myself 4 others that way bought one made 4 myself not a problem in 6 months

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