L7(s) For Sale - Decent Price, Need Liquidity after Compass Mining Debacle

I have two L7s (9050mh) for sale. Looking for the best price I can get (I paid $21k each). I’ve included two pictures. I’m located in southern California, willing to meet in person or have them picked up, or ship with appropriate protections for both parties (escrow etc.)

I’m trying to recover my investment as I took a big hit not only with Compass Mining essentially leaving me without any ASICS in Russia and I just need the money now heh plain and simple. Please don’t offer any lowball insulting prices as Im not interested in taking a multi-thousand dollar loss, but I am flexible to a T.

Asking price $21,000 OBO.

I can provide references, and willing to skype, facetime, etc. to verify authenticity and only looking for serious offers at this time. Looking to move one or two of these immediately. Better price if you buy both. Pictures included below with appropriate tag showing today’s date, name, and model



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Matt, what happened with Compass??

Good luck selling them… I purchased one as well and its Ugly.

You haven’t heard? They abandoned everyone who had miners in Russia. $30 Million in lost equipment

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Did Compass not offer any compensation or assist in selling the miners in Russia?

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No it’s really a fuck fest they left there customers out to dry and gave too shits all that had there miner over there took a huge loss

from what i see on Ebay L7’s going for around 10-15k. Plus on bitmain website theyre going for 18,799 brand new. May want to revisit your price point

just look at asicminervalue.com that is a great guide or whattomine or cyrptocompare or minerstats they will tell you how much you will make daily monthly and yearly just put in your electric then make your decision on whether you want to buy.

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12,000 befofr i end my life ty