Laptops and EGPUs

Has anyone here tried mining with eGPUs on Laptops?

I’m very much a noob on both mining and building PCs. I’m thinking about building or just buying an eGPU to supplement my current setup (HP Omen 15, core i7 8th gen, RTX2060 used for personal and gaming)

Is it feasible or efficient to just add more GPU power to my current setup or would it just make more sense to just build a different system altogether?

I wondered the same thing when I first got started with this but I never got an answer about mining with external GPU on laptop I was able to find that it does not get normal performance but it does get close

The external GPU for me is more of a stepping stone for me tbh. I do plan on building a separate desktop in the future and hopefully would be able to reuse the GPUs i’d buy for that. I just dont have enough resources and space to build it right now.

Just wondering if Laptop >> eGPU >> Desktop or just Laptop and holding for the complete Desktop in maybe a year or two would be the better choice.

If you have thunderbolt you can mine with an external GPU. If you don’t have thunderbold you will have to remove your wifi card and run an adapter (this often has comparability issues). You can mine 0xMonero with an older model laptop without a gpu using the cpu or cpu’s integrated graphics.

Currently running a HP Spectre i7 with an EGPU, 2070 Super. Mining for one week now = 0.00139214 BTC, playing around with power consumption and hashrates. Haven’t got everything dialed in but it has been profitable and fun. Might even build a rig :slight_smile:

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That is how it starts! you will be an addict like the rest of us soon! :smiley:

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So true MeatyMouse. Might sell my dirtbike thats lucky to be used once a year and start building. I read through your thread it has been helpful to see your experience, Thanks.

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