Last crypto mining article before the memorable 2023 ends THE MOST EFFICIENT BITCOIN MINING RIG ANTMINER S21 200T


The Antminer S21 is the most efficient Bitcoin mining rig model from Bitmain. Bitmain released the model at it’s World Digital Mining Summit in September 2023. At 200TH/S and 17.5J/T, the air cooled model is the most powerful and efficient Asic miner on the market. And the first deliveries of the model are expected to arrive in January 2024.

The Exterior of Antminer S21

Antminer S21 is similar in size to its predecessors, but it is slightly heavier. Antminer S21 weights 15.4 KG, which is 1 KG more than Antminer S19 XP and 2.2 heavier than Antminer S19j pro. It uses the new power supply unit first seen with Antminer S19j XP. The APW 171215a with 5 high voltage 500G capacitors. Additionally, the PSU comes with the P14 plug type (also known as a P45 plug), a different plug than used with most of the S19 series. The power cord end named “Antwire” officially uses a different standard as well called P13. As a result, miners will need a P13 cord and a specialized PDU or a customized C20-P13 cord to use the C19 PDU.

The Profit of Antminer S21

As we all know, Antminer S21 Hydro also attracts much attention. It has a hashrate of 335 TH and the efficiency ratio of 16J/T, which makes it ranks the top of the BTC revenue list. The income per unit is about $114.5.

Although Antminer S21 is a air cooled mining machine, with its powerful hashrate, it still ranks first on the BTC revenue list among the same model category. It also ranks higher than some ordinary hydro mining machine. The income per unit is about $8. So if you don’t have a condition to run a Hydro cooled mining machine, Antminer S21 is undoubtedly a better choice.

Although water-cooled mining must be the future trend, the threshold for hydro miner is still a bit high. You need to consider that as the difficulty of mining increases, you also have to bear the cost of water cooling equipment infrastructure. So the emergence of Antminer S21 provides customers with more choices.

The Upcoming Bitcoin Halving

The Antminer S21 is the most efficient Bitcoin ASIC miner on the market. It is 17.5 J/TH efficient. It is the first Bitcoin ASIC miner to use less than 20 J/TH of power, which will makes it become the most popular miner on the market.

As we all know, we are about to have the Bitcoin halving. Bitcoin halving is expected in April 2024. Based on the experience of the past three Bitcoin halvings, the price of Bitcoin one month before each halving was lower than the price at that time. Since the Bitcoin halving is arguably the most important fundamental event related to Bitcoin and is almost universally interpreted as a bullish event because the halving will result in a reduction in the issuance of new Bitcoins, the market is optimistic ahead of the halving. It makes sense.

Regarding Bitcoin’s price after each halving, we see two price increases and one price decrease. If the currency price does not rise after the halving, miners with high electricity prices and high-power consumption will face shutdown. Only miners with low power consumption and reasonable electricity prices can survive. If the currency price rises to more than 60,000 US dollars, or even higher, then all the machines can be revived.

Therefore, the emergence of low-energy-efficiency miners like the Antminer S21 will make high-energy-efficiency miners lose their competitiveness. The era of Antminer S21 is about to begin.