LB box miner red light flashing

hey guys i need help, i got a LB box and hooked it up yesterday everything ran fine for 2 days … got a storm where i lived and the power went out now all my miners where able to go back online except for my LB box miner which does have WIFI only ether net port… goes as such turn the power on from the start the power cord led turns green the red light near the reset button turns red then starts flashing red… cant log into the ip address i have for it wont let me then after while the green light near the power supply tunrs solid red so i have a solid red in the bottom and flashing red ontop keep in mind my lb box miner doesnt have WIFI only ethernet… CAN someone PLEASE help thank you in advance !!!

hmm, is it the standard power supply that came with the miner? Can you try another power supply and see if the supply went bad instead of your miner…

I switched power supply twice from 2 different atx !

Dang. I tried to find a manual for it to see what the light codes are but didn’t find anything. You could
submit a ticket to Goldshell but I’m guessing that will take a while to get a response. Good luck and sorry couldn’t be more of a help.

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Red light popped up on my KD Box and it was just a bad ethernet connection. Plugged the ethernet in and out, and it went away.

My LB freaked out when I moved it to a different outlet. It did similar stuff with the leds. I tried all kinds of stuff and even opened a support case with Goldshell. Eventually I just let it sit for a week or two. I decided to try it again one day and it was fine.

There was a whole thread here from me in it. Let me see if I can find it as there was some good advice from others.

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Thank you id appreciate that

Sorry, it was my HS, not the LB. But read through the thread as most of the diagnosis and reset procedures are the same for all the box miners. You may want to go to the top and see all the posts.

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Also update to latest Firmware

The problem is it doesnt wanna open up to the IP address

@Jonathan_Ortiz your description is not clear, does it have wifi or not?

Sorry! It does NOT have wifi