LBRY Goldshell LB1 Miner Not Recognized

First - I love my LB1 miners! I have 2 of them and was lucky enough to get one of the @VoskCoin edition ordered!

My problem is they work fine on my laptop - but they show as “unknown” in the Goldshell app when I plug them into my desktop. I’ve seen someone else post this same issue:

Im running Windows 10 on both machines - I’m also confident the same version of Goldshell app and driver are installed. Has anyone run into this? I’m leaning toward there is something on my desktop that is somehow interfering with the driver. Perhaps a security update?

Any help is much appreciated!

I’m having this issue…I’m using a brand new laptop and the HS1 Plus and now the LB1 are not recognized by the network or mining software…I need help and no one seems to have an answer??I can to ask @VoskCoin if he has solutions??

I will send this thread directly to goldshell

Hey, I am Sylvia from Goldshell, received your feedback, here is the solution, you could self-check with the below picture. If it still not working, you can open a support ticket on the website linkage, the team will reach you soon, the linkage: Tickets – goldshell miner

Hi Sylvia,

I verified that the driver was installed properly on all my computers and they did in fact show up in the device manager as you have shown in the screenshot.

I had already placed a ticket with Goldshell - this is the response I was given:

I ultimately gave up and moved my LB1s to another PC.